Shiatsu is a form of oriental bodywork from Japan. It utilizes thumb, finger, palm, forearm, elbow, and foot pressure along with rocking and stretching to access and move an individual’s energy for the purpose of stimulating natural healing through the intelligence of the body. Shiatsu works with the meridian system in our body to balance Yin and Yang energies and open Ki blockages. Shiatsu is a form of therapy that supports and strengthens an individual’s natural ability to heal and harmonize the body.

  • Stimulates Life Force
  • Clears Stress Patterns
  • Liberates Healing Power
  • Increases Energy & Vitality
  • Improves Concentration
  • Enhances Sleep Quality
  • Strengthens Digestion
  • Increases Creativity
  • Aids in Pain Relief
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Balances Energy
  • Encourages Alignment Within
  • Harmonious Sense of Wellbeing

Located inside BodySmart Wellness Center
680 Heacock Road, Suite 204
Yardley, PA 19067