The New
BodySmart Wellness Payment Plan

After implementing the first generation of our payment plan, it became obvious to us that it was too complex.
We, therefore, are cancelling that initial plan in favor of the following simpler plan.

We At BodySmart Wellness LLC Want To Make Your Life Easier
We Strive To Do All We Can To Make The Services You Want More Easily Available To You!
Let Us Help You!

The following programs are eligible:

All Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Counseling with Dr. Holder
(Where program fee exceeds $499.99)

hcg Rapid Weight Loss Programs
(Where program fee exceeds $499.99)

Hormone Replacement Therapy
(Where program fee exceeds $499.99)

Hypnotherapy Certification (Primary, Advanced and Instructor Training)
Hypnotherapy Training Materials Complete Student Library
(Where program fee exceeds $499.99)