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Instant inductions are my favorites. Especially those using a combination of shock and confusion (Startle Reflex & Sensory Overload). Most instant inductions look simple. The first time students see them, their thought is often, “This looks too easy to be true”. They are simple, but they take finesse… Timing is everything. One of the important elements with instant inductions utilizing shock is to keep talking seamlessly immediately after completing the induction. This is part of trance stabilization. Most professions are a mix of science & art. In my opinion hypnosis is more science than art. That’s…Read More → 

Knife Defense – Thrust
The best self defense is to preemptively keep out of harm’s way. If, however, you are attacked, you must be prepared to defend. There are differences in strategy when defending unarmed and armed attacks. An advantage defending an armed attacker is that the armed attacker (unless well trained) puts all of his eggs in one basket. He or she focuses only on cutting or stabbing the intended victim. When defense is executed properly the defender will quickly gain MANAGEMENT of the weapon creating a window of opportunity for defense. It will take the attacker a moment to process…Read More → 

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